Exchanged Life Podcast Available


Listen to Exchanged Life’s weekly messages on iTunes. You can also join us in worship in Temple, GA. On February 7th 2016, these podcasts will be posted through New Life Church,

Letting Go of the Past – Podcast

This podcast examines the Bible’s teachings to forget the past and live in God’s gift of life.

What is the Willful Sin of Hebrews 10:26?

This podcast looks at the misinterpretation of Hebrews 10:26 and examines why this passage gives us confidence, and not fear.

Don’t Politicize Your Faith

During this political season, this study looks at rest in faith, even when our leaders don’t reflect our faith.

Exchanged Life Podcast

Future Beginning February 7, Exchanged Life will be podcasting from New Life Church (

You can subscribe to Exchanged Life Podcasts through iTunes by clicking here.

Introducing New Life Church

As of Sunday, February 7th, I’ll be pastoring New Life Church.
Monogram for New Life ChurchNew Life Church is a non-denominational church located in Temple, GA, approximately 1/2 mile north of I-20 in the brick building beside Yazoo hardware store.

The church is meeting at The Vessels of Worship Studio
285 Carrollton St
Suite 101
Temple, GA 30179

This is a new church plant with a vision for building up believers in Christ and teaching how to receive the life of grace and rest in the finished work of Christ.


Grace Conference 2015 – Final Q and A

Repost to post through the Exchanged Life podcast

Grace Conference 2015 – Overcomers